Editing - costs

Costs for Services

Rates depend on what service you want. For fiction, that ranges from simple proofreading, to copy editing, to line editing, and to developmental editing. I am interested in helping young writers get started, so I charge the low end of each range as specified by the Editorial Freelancers Association. (http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php)  

Here's a summary of their ranges and what I charge.  

Simple proofreading (checking grammar, punctuation, word use)  


My fee: $2 per page

Copy editing (proofreading with suggestions for improved sentence structure and word use)  


My fee: $3 per page

Line editing (substantive copy editing: a wider view, looking for flow of the chapter, echoes, paragraphing, tense, POV issues)  


My fee: $5 per page, or $4 if I met you on Critique Circle.  

Developmental editing (plot, characterization, setting, pacing, POV choice)  

Rate is variable according to manuscript's need, but close to line editing  

My fee: $6 per page, or $5 if I met you on Critique Circle.  

I provide a discount for CC members if I've critiqued their work already and expect them to have incorporated some of my suggestions into the latest version of their manuscript so I won't have to say the same thing again. Also, I expect that they will have been critiquing other writers, thereby helping their colleagues get started, too.   

If you wish to see more about typical costs for editing your manuscript, here is a website that discusses the issue: https://jaefiction.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/what-does-editing-cost/ 

How many pages will your manuscript be? I go by 300 words per page for fiction. (Obviously, there's a range. Pages of dialogue have fewer words than pages with long paragraphs of narrative. The Editorial Freelancers Association uses 250 words/page, but that counts non-fiction, too.)  

It is important that you understand that hiring an editor isn't cheap. Becoming a professional--a dancer, baseball player, electrician, physicist, doctor, teacher--takes an investment of time, effort, and money. Writing, too. You have to be willing to invest in yourself and your work.  

If you are serious about bringing a book up to publishing quality or need help with story development I'd be glad to assist. Contact me using the contact form, or email me directly at  rmsmythe@editors.ca if you have questions.