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Editing Services

I do a lot of editing and critiquing on internet websites. Critique Circle one of them. If you post a chapter or story there you will receive comments and suggestions from many writers. Perhaps I will see it and provide an edit for you. (Email me in advance, and I'll look for it.)

When the time comes that you are serious about publishing your story, you might want a professional editor to look at the bigger picture. I perform this service for clients. There are various levels, ranging from proofreader to copy editor to developmental editor. If you hire me to proofread, I'll fix your mistaken words and grammar. As a copy editor, I perform the task I do for the writers on the websites: proofreading and suggesting how to make the story better. When I'm in developmental editor mode, I'm looking at overall structure, character development, story arc, pacing, conflict, suspense ... in short, all the areas you need to consider if you want to write a good book and have it appeal to an agent or publisher. 

If you would like to use these services, go to Contact and drop me an email. You can also email me directly at rmsmythe@editors.ca. That way, you can attach a sample of your writing. By assessing that, I can give you a rough idea of how much help I can provide you.

Remember, to get my help for free, just submit your short story or chapter to Critique Circle and let me know it's there. (My membership name is RobSmy.)